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Tenerife Tourism Guide - Essentials Tenerife

Although the Canary Islands are not officially part of the European Union, they generally follow the same line as mainland Spain. No visas needed here, just an up-to-date passport (check the passport office weblink right for renewal details). Other essentials for Tenerife include obtaining a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This recently replaced the old E111 form and is easily obtained online (link right) or by filling in a form from the Post Office.

The currency in Tenerife, like all the Canary Islands, is the Euro. Just a small supply of euros will suffice, as more are easily obtained from the many banks and cashpoints in all the main resorts (although charges may apply at cashpoints). Order Euros online via the safe and secure Currency weblink to the right. Tap water in Tenerife is safe to drink - if you have coffees or ice in your drinks in bars, restaurants or cafes it'll mostly be tap water. The general advice is drink bottled water whilst in Tenerife - but this is more for taste reasons than anything else - tap water tends to be desalinated and the taste does not generally appeal. Also buy loads of bottled water puts a nice bit of cash in the bottled water companies' pockets and the overprised Netto resort supermarkets.

Tenerife Holiday Essentials

Opening hours for shops, including supermarkets, tends to be 9am to 21.00/9pm in the main resorts. Elsewhere they follow Spanish opening times and fit in with the hot climate, avoiding the hottest part of the day - open from Mondays to Saturdays from 9am to 13.00/1pm then after an afternoon siesta break they reopen again from around 16.00pm/4pm for a few hours, sometimes up until 22.00pm/10pm in the evening. For individual attractions and museums around the island it's best to check each individually, although most of the attractions such as waterparks and theme parks are open from 10am to 5/6pm.

The telephone code for Tenerife is 922. (On Canaries phone codes you'll note that the code for Tenerife, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro is 922, whilst for Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote the code is 928. It's significant because it's an indicator of the way local government functions on the Canaries. The western Canary Islands are administered by the central administrative hub - Santa Cruz de Tenerife, whilst the eastern Canary Islands answer to the administrative hub of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - the rather false dicotomy of competition here generally keeps them busy). For phone calls home to the UK numerous public phone boxes are dotted around the resorts, and in the large resorts you may spot internet and phone huts too. Two or three euros gives you a good 5-10 minutes. Put your money in first, then type in 00 44(UK code) then the regional code omitting the first 0 then the number. It's well worth using the public phone boxes and booths rather than phoning from your hotel room - the mark ups are horrendous on these!

Driving is on the right hand side if you're using a Tenerife car rental. Useful emergency telephone numbers include:

For any emergency call 061. If you need an ambulance call 061, or the following in each location. Playa de las Americas - 922 78 07 59, Los Cristianos - 922 79 05 05, Puerto de la Cruz 922 38 38 12 and Santa Cruz - 922 28 18 00. Telephone numbers for Tenerife Airports are for Tenerife North (Los Rodeos 922 25 79 40, and for Tenerife Sur/South (Reina Sofia) 922 75 95 10. The Red Cross has contacts in Playa de Las Americas - Tel: 922 78 07 59, and in Los Cristianos, Tel: 922 79 05 05. Playa de las Americas Hospital can be contacted on 922 75 00 22. All the main Tenerife resorts have a good number of Chemists - look for the big green illuminated cross. They are usually open early mornings and evenings - following Spanish opening times, but in some of the bigger Tenerife resorts they may be open longer. It's worth taking a few basics with you like Asprins, Sanitary products and medication for diarrehoa, as Spanish chemists tend to be rather expensive - even for these basic products!

Cheap Travel Insurance Tenerife

Holiday travel insurance cover for Tenerife holidays is a must as there are many accidents, incidents and emergencies that could occur during your holiday, for example lost luggage or stolen passports. In the event that your holiday is cancelled or shortened because of illness or injury, or if your money is stolen Travel Insurance is an imperative back-up. You'll need to check the small print on all travel insurance policies to see exactly what you are covered for.

A range of Tenerife and Canary Islands Travel Insurance policies are available, (check the Holiday Travel Insurance weblinks right for details and booking online). Double check you've the right travel insurance policy to suit you and your family. Cheap travel insurance is not always best, although most will opt for it. If you're undertaking some wild watersports, say two weeks of rip roaring kite surfing round the El Medano stretch of coast, or a real activity holiday holiday on Tenerife. check you're covered for all possible risks or accidents. Check the weblink right for cheap holiday insurance with 'Insure and Go'.

Huge costs have been incurred to individual holidaymakers who have discovered that cheap travel insurance policies did not cover particular accidents and emergencies. If you're planning to undertake watersports such as jet skiing or para-gliding, kite surfing, windsurfing or other potentially dangerous or high risk sports it's advisable to ensure you're covered for such activities in the event of an accident (the company providing the rides is likely not to have inclusive insurance cover. Holiday makers have been caught out here, thinking the 'Spanish' document they sign before the ride covers them for potential accidents. It's more likely to be an indemnity document saying you agree that the company has no responsibility should you injure yourself!).

The EHIC health card will only cover you for basic health care, not for things like repatriation or air ambulances if needed. You could end up with a health care bill of £20,000 or more. The risk isn't worth it! Check the health advice for travel weblinks to the right for advice on travel insurance cover, and additional health insurance cover. The NHS 'Fit for Travel' website is particularly useful for health travel advice, and taking out travel and health insurance.

Health Travel Insurance Tenerife

All British Citizens with UK passports travelling to Tenerife and the Canary Islands will need one of the new European Health Insurance Cards (EHIC). These have now replaced the old E111 form! EHIC cards are free, and very easy to obtain, either online via the weblink right, or by obtaining an EHIC form from your local post office. EHIC entitles UK travellers to emergency medical treatment whilst in Spain (or in Spanish territory which the Canaries fall under) on the same terms as Spanish nationals. However, the EHIC will not cover things like on-going medical treatment, medical repatriation or non-urgent medical treatment. The Department of Health (see weblink right) advises additional comprehensive medical and travel insurance alongside obtaining your EHIC.

Travellers to Tenerife and the Canaries with particular medical conditions are advised to take out additional health cover, to insure health cover for all eventualities. Check the NHS 'Fitness for Health' website (to the right) which offers excellent advice on things like taking care in the sun and dehydration and the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption. For advice on lost or stolen passports whilst in Tenerife, and what to do in an emergency check the British Consulate weblinks right. If you're partying in the resorts, Spanish largers do tend to be a little stronger than English ones so watch that. The usual hazards apply and are in the areas of over consumption of alcohol, sunburn and mosquito bites (no malaria carrying mosquitos are present on the Canary Islands and no vaccinations are needed before you travel!).

Top tip for sunburn (although prevention is best, build up your tan slowly, with very high factor sun creams and staying in the shade from 11am to 4pm) - if you do happen to get a touch of sunburn pick up some of the Aloe Vera products, particularly the pure juice of the Aloe Vera plant - it's the best stuff in the world for treating low level sunburn and heat or sweat rashes - it works! If you're looking for a quiet, relaxing holiday on Tenerife, best not to book yourself in accommodation in the heart of Las Americas or Los Cristianos. Noise can be a problem near club and bar areas. Instead, choose one of the many smaller suburb quieter resorts such as Torviscas near Las Americas or base yourself in more family oriented resorts such as Costa Adeje, or the quieter resorts on the Costa del Silencio coast and up at Los Gigantes, El Medano or Playa de la Arena.

Most bog standard health hazards you're likely to encounter on Tenerife will be connected with alcohol, sunburn and the occasional insect bite - be prepared and prevention is the obvious cure here. The Veronica's area of Playa de las Americas, in the news in recent years for negative reasons indeed, has recently had an overhaul involving various drugs raids and restoration building work. Still, common sense is in order not just around Veronicas and the main Tenerife resorts, but in all built up areas. Beware of pickpockets, and watch for people brushing up closely against you. Avoid taking out large amounts of money and credit cards with you on a night out, don't leave your bag unattended, avoid poorly lit areas, stick with your friends and take care of each other. Take mosquito plug-ins with you to get rid of the blighters from your room, wear insect repellant when you go out at night, don't drink too much and watch for dehydration (drink plenty of water throughout the day), and use high factor sun creams and stay in the shade during peak sunshine hours (the locals do!). Ensure good sun cream cover at all times!

British Consulates Canary Islands & Spanish Embassy UK

British Consulate, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Plaza Weyler 8, 1, Santa Cruz de Tenerife 38003. Telephone: (34) 922 28 68 63, 28 66 53. Open Mon-Fri: 0800-1530, July and August: Mon-Fri: 0800-1430.

British Consulate, Las Palmas Gran Canaria, Edificio Cataluna, Calle Luis Morote 6-3, 35007 - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, (Postal address: PO Box 2020, 35080 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria). Telephone: (34) 928 262 508. Opening Hours (GMT) 0800-1530 Monday-Friday, 0800-1430 Monday-Friday (July and August).

Embassy of Spain, 39 Chesham Place, London SW1X 8SB. Tel: 020 7235 5555. (weblink is to the right)

In the unlikely event that your passport is lost or stolen whilst in Tenerife an Emergency passport will be issued by the British Consulate nearest to you (in this case the contact above in Santa Cruz de Tenerife). All you will need to do is fill in the form - LS01 - Lost and Stolen passport form (available from the Consulate), as well as a C1 Passport form. You'll need to present these forms to the Consulate together with two passport photos plus a Police Report called a Denuncia. If you are involved in any accident or assault incident whilst in Spain including Tenerife and the Canaries you'll need to report this to the Police. Check the British Consulate advice on the weblink to the right for further details. The fee for Emergency Passports permitting one return trip to the UK is around 70 Euros. For useful advice on what to do in the event of lost or stolen passports, check the excellent advice on the 'Online Travelsafe' weblink to the right.

Pet Travel, Pet Sitting, Pet Passports for the Canary Islands

Another holiday essential you may want to consideris pet sitting services for your pets whilst you are abroard. Pet sitting services are becoming extremely sophisticated, to the extent of not just pet sitting but also offering other services such as taking care of your business whilst you're on holiday, a live in pet sitting service and keeping an eye on burst pipes and other household emergencies. Absentia Pet Sitting Service is an excellent pet sitting company choice (see their website link to the right). They offer individually tailor-made pet sitting packages to suit your needs and requirements. For advice on pet travel, obtaining pet passports and general advice on taking your pet abroad check the DEFRA pet travel weblink right.

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Travel Insurance Tenerife. Good Cover for all the family whislt on Holiday
Travel Insurance Tenerife. Good Cover for all the family whislt on Holiday
Kite Surfing and Windsurfing El Medano, South Tenerife. Get Covered!
Kite Surfing and Windsurfing El Medano, South Tenerife. Get Covered!